What People Are Saying

On Music:

“As Music Director for Black Swan State Theatre Company’s production “Xenides” I needed to find musicians who were dynamically sensitive in a theatrical setting, musical as well as technically proficient, quick learners of material and versatile as the music was a diverse range of genres. Holly was a the ideal person for the job. Her skills and talents on drums, percussion, backing vocals and ukulele matched her friendly and engaging personality and she embraced all aspects of her position. I highly recommend her for anything that gets thrown her way.”


On Management:

“Holly is an incredibly versatile team player with the ability to work in multiple roles and manage multiple projects at one time.
Attention to detail is by far her strongest skill and when applied to supplier management and operations it was invaluable for our events and team. Holly brought a sound understanding of music and event programming to our events, successfully programming multiple entertainment spaces within Perth. Musicians and clients alike, always comment on Holly's ability to manage within budget and to a high standard, with a strong appreciation to the arts. ”


On Yoga:

“Had a private session with Holly and it was well worth it. She's friendly, professional and takes the time to go through moves at your own pace.
Highly recommended.”