One Week In India - My 300hr YTT Experience So Far!

Greetings from India, where I’m currently spending some time in South Goa for a 300 hour intensive teacher training course with Trimurti Yoga! We’ve just finished the first week of a month-long program, so I’m a quarter of the way through, and since I’m currently sitting at a café with very reliable wifi (not a super common occurrence over here!) I’d thought I’d take the opportunity to write a quick blog post about my experience thus far.

First of all, it’s probably helpful if I explain what 300 hours of teacher training actually is. Nowadays, formalised yoga teacher training commonly begins with 200 hours of training, either completed in an intensive format (which I did over three weeks in Bali, two years ago) or spread out across a few months. I’ve been wanting to add a 300 hour qualification for a while now; for several reasons - but primarily because I’ve wanted to dive deeper into certain elements of teaching that I feel will best serve my existing and future clients at home in Melbourne.  There are hundreds (if not thousands) of YTT programs on the market, all over the world, and the 300 hours of training will be split up into several different modules. The course that I’m studying with Trimurti Yoga focuses on Ayurveda (the traditional ‘sister science’ to yoga in Indian culture), traditional Chinese medicine (a methodology including acupuncture, pressure points, and focusing on a theory of five elements and energetic meridian lines within the body), and yin yoga as the main modules. In addition to these three ‘streams’ we also study modules in anatomy & alignment, teaching methodology, and teaching practicum. So there’s a lot of content and plenty of variety! We spend 12-13 hours per day on campus, beginning with a morning ‘yang’ style practice before sunrise, and finishing with a contrasting ‘yin’ style practice (slower, more passive, less dynamic) after sunset each evening.  Class days run Monday through Saturday, and we get Sundays off - so Sundays are a day to lie on the beautiful beaches on South Goa, relax and restore energy from one jam-packed beach to the next, and most likely indulge in some Western style food such as raw salads or sweets!


One of the main things I’m really loving about this course thus far is the huge amount of variety we’re exposed to in terms of what constitutes a yoga practice, and what elements can be combined to create really effective teaching. Yoga is such a personal practice, and what suits one student may not suit another (as our lead trainer Karo says – “We cannot please everyone. We are not pizza!”). However, due to the complicated lineages of yoga, and the way the practice has been handed down across many generations, there can be a lot of dogma and criticism from one school of thought to the next. Since Trimurti Yoga is a multi-style school (meaning they teach in, and draw inspiration from, many different styles of yoga ranging from hatha, vinyasa, and ashtanga to yin, aerial, and more), the approach is super inclusive, welcoming of group discussion, building community, and finding our unique voices as teachers in which we can share the practice.


It’s not easy leaving your loved ones behind to spend an entire month in a foreign country with 19 complete strangers, and I often look around the table during our evening meal and reflect on the fact that each of my classmates has family, friends, partners, jobs, and personal lives that they, in turn, have placed on hold in order to be here and further their learning. The wifi is weak, it can be hard to communicate with the people you’re trying to speak to back home, the power goes out and we eat dinner in the dark from time to time, and I haven’t had a hot shower since I left Melbourne. It’s India! And it’s amazing. I’m so grateful to be here, and looking forward to another three weeks of awesome practice, discussion, content and learning as we get stuck in again tomorrow morning. I can’t wait to share everything I’ve learned when I get home! Until then, sending much love from this side of the world to yours xxx