Arts Wellness Consultation

Start HERE for my ArtsHub article on the challenges of maintaining wellbeing in the arts industry.

I love our Australian arts industry, but it’s no secret that the nature of arts work can often go hand in hand with injury, anxiety, depression, high levels of work-related stress, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, and more. Whether you’re working as a sole contractor, or within an organisation, I can provide consultation to assess the unique wellbeing-related challenges of your particular work environment. Drawing on a decade of experience as an arts manager and wellness advocate, my focus is on developing a sustainable framework for wellbeing in your workplace. I can help you put steps in place that are more than just a token offering, and provide support to help you meet your health-related goals and thrive on an individual and organisational level.

Consultations can take place remotely and I can design a program for you no matter where in Australia you are located.

Arts Wellness Consultation is suitable for:

  • Small arts organisations comprising artistic personnel, performers, management teams, and/or a mix of all roles

  • Event management agencies, crew, roadies, production staff, lighting, sound, or staging technical teams

  • Tertiary arts institutions, university or TAFE staff, lecturers, university or TAFE students

  • Bands, touring arts companies, individual or solo artists

  • Freelance or self-employed creatives in any artistic profession (design, writing, blogging, advertising, music, dance, theatre, art making, etc)

Sounds good? Drop me a line and tell me a little bit about your work environment and how I can support you to feel great!